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Heya! I'm just a normal guy trying to turn his hobby into a real job and in the process grow one of the best communities on the Internet. Hopefully you'll join me as we work on growing the channel into a gaming juggernaut! Just follow the rules and we'll all get along awesomely!


  1. The moderators word is law, argue with them at your own risk. I trust those I mod so I'll likely follow their judgement. If you have an issue take it to PMs.
  2. No excessive capital letters please, Saucebot'll getcha!
  3. Please try not to spoil storylines, but if I'm stuck then I'll ask for you all for help.
  4. In order to post links you have to receive Coebot permission first, check with a mod to have your link validated. Same goes for plugging yourself.
  5. Damn you Mhykol!
  6. Damn you Mhykol!
  7. Try not to spam questions at me, I do my best to answer everyone but I might have to space them out.

Donation Information

Donors receive special thanks below each month and also the ability to help pick what games we play on community days. When you donate 5 dollars or more and include a contact email address we'll email you a poll to help with the decision making process. Email addresses will not be stored nor shared. <3 More donor rewards are coming!

 Thank you so much for making my dream possible by making this my job!


Computer Specifications


  • Video Card - GeForce GTX 760
  • CPU - Intel quad core i5 760
  • RAM - 16 gigs
  • Monitor #1 - Acer 23 inch Widescreen
  • Monitor #2 - Samsung 21 inch Widescreen
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